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Individual Giving

Download our Annual Fund Campaign brochure to learn more about the impact of your gift, and follow this link for a list of membership benefits enjoyed by Virginia Opera donors, including program book recognition, invitations to exclusive events, VIP lounge access, and more!

2016-2017 Individual Donors

Memorial/Tribute Gifts

Honor the life of a loved one or celebrate an upcoming special occasion (a birthday, wedding, anniversary) with a tribute gift. Memorial and tribute gifts support the Virginia Opera Foundation, creating permanent and lasting support that helps ensure the growth and vitality of Virginia Opera. Your donation in honor of a friend or family member will appear in Virginia Opera season program books for one calendar year.

In addition to online donations, gifts may be made by check, credit card, or appreciated stock. A monthly payment option is also available. Download the above brochure for a pledge card, or contact us for more information:

Hampton Roads: 757.627.9545, ext. 3318 kandis.burnworth@vaopera.org
Central Virginia: 804.644.8168, ext. 3398 howard.bender@vaopera.org
Northern Virginia: 804.644.8168, ext. 3398 howard.bender@vaopera.org

Virginia Opera is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to Virginia Opera are tax-exempt to the extent provided by law.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to our 2016-2017 Annual Fund donors through September 1, 2016.


Virginia Opera is grateful to the following contributors for their support of either our 2015-16 Annual Fund Campaign from January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016 or our 2016-17 Annual Fund Campaign through December 1, 2016.

Director's Circle

Dr. & Mrs. William D. Covington
Dr. & Mrs. William Jackson Frable
Mr. & Mrs. David Goode
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. - The Herndon Foundation
Mrs. Bucci and Mr. John Zeugner

Producer's Circle

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph E. Bunzl  
Mrs. Donna P. Case  
Mr. & Mrs. Langdon T. Christian, IV  
Mr. & Mrs. Vince Ferranti  
Mr. Henry Garrity  
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hill  
Mr. Richard Miller  
Mr. Harris Miller & Dr. Deborah Kahn  
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Luis Morillo  
Patricia Pusey  
Mr. & Mrs. Allan S. Reynolds, Jr.  
Ms. Carole Yaley  



Artist Patron Society

Vern and Nancy Barham
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley G. Barr, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Cabell Birdsong
Hon. & Mrs. James Cales, Jr.
Capt. & Mrs. John M. Chandler USN (Ret.)
Francis T. and Robert B. Claytor Fund
Col. James F. Deming & Major Mark E. Board
Judge & Mrs. Robert B. Edwards
Mr. Sean Foohey
Ms. Cary Fountain
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus W. Grandy
Mr. Thomas  A. Grant
Mrs. Karen Guliano
Eva & Michael Hardy
Mr. James Hixon
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Huber, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Kemper K. Hyers
Robert Roman & Claus Ihlemann
Ms. Denise Keane & Mr. Leonard Mandl
 Mr. & Mrs. Marcellus C. Kirchner
 Robert C. & Mary Nell Kuhlo
 Dr. & Mrs. Edward Lilly
 Warren Richard and Lynn Cobb
Mr. John Reynolds
 James and Diane Schneider
 Mr. & Mrs. John Shannon
 Mr. Lewis Webb & Ms. Helen Dragas
 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Weinberg
Mrs. Deborah Wyld



Bravo Society

 Russell P. Allen
 Lilli & William Beyer
 Mr. & Mrs. George Y. Birdsong
Drs. Bruce and Cassianne Booth
Capt. & Mrs. Malcolm Parker Branch
Dr. & Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup
Kym Hemley Butz & Joe Butz
Lucy and Randolph Church
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Coffing
Charles and Minette Cooper
Mrs. Peter G. Decker, Jr.
Hon. & Mrs. Robert Doumar
Mr. Ammon G. Dunton, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Gartman
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Hark
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C. Holladay, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie Lee Huitt, Jr.
Ms. Patricia F. Jacobina
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Johnson, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Jones
Ms. Elizabeth King
Mr. & Mrs. James Kitz
Ms. Ina Levy & Mr. Richard Staub
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Modlin
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Monroe, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson C. Moss
Mrs. Valerie Neff
Mr. Thomas Nicholson, III & Ms. Christie Dixon
Susan and Dale Oller
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Pepe
Larry and Susan Quate
Mrs. Virginia Redick
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Roberts
Ms. Donna Scassera
Ms. Eileen Schein
Mr. & Mrs. C. Jeffers Schmidt
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Scoper
Ms. Marilyn Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Homer A. Smith
Mrs. Joyce Strelitz
Paul and Bonita Stockmeyer
Ms. Page Styles
Mr. J. Kenneth Timmons
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Ungerman
Eleanor and Henry Watts
Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan

Benefactor Society

 Mr. Alan Albert
 Mr. Allen Anderson
 Mary Virginia Andraos
Mr. Allen Baker
Ms. Jeannie Baliles
Mr. & Mrs. J. Temple Bayliss
Mr. Paul Campsen & Dr. Carrie White
Mr. Raymond DeFrank
Mrs. Audrey B. Douglas Cooke
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Furiga
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Fisher III
Adm. & Mrs. Harold Gehman, Jr.
Mrs. Renee Gilman
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gindroz
Mr. & Mrs. George L. Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Hess
Ms. Rebecca Hess
Mr. & Mrs. John Holloway
Mr. & Mrs. James Jiral
Dr. Danna Johnson
Dr. Anne-Marie Irani & Dr. Lawrence Schwartz
Ms. Mary Anne Kellam-Canada
Ms. Esta Kornstein
Dr. Susan Kornstein
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Krantz
Ms. Marilyn Larsen
Henry & Anjelica Light
Mrs. Eleanor Marshall
Ms. Shantell Nashatka
Donna Noonan
Ms. Wendy Pestrue
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Petterson
Mr. Myron Reinhart
Mr. & Mrs. Laurens Sartoris
Mr. James Satterwhite
Dr. Charol Shakeshaft
Ms. Lisa Sinclair
Mrs. Jane Spilman
Ms. Gudi Stambuk
Hon. Lydia Calvert Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Walsh
Harry & Sandra Wilbur
Ms. Millie Wilkerson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Winslow
 Ms. Evangeline Yoder

Opera Partner

Ms. Donna Allen
Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Boglio
Mrs. Caroline Y. Brandt
Ms. Sherry Bremer
Dr. Kevin Campbell
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Costenbader
Mrs. Robin Covatta
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Figueroa
Dr. Ronald Flenner
Mr. & Mrs. Louis S. Harris
Ms. Spring Helligrath
Mrs. Sarah B. Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Jones
Greg and Janet Kim
Alice S. & Frank T. Lennon
Michael and Nancy Lott
Mr. Guillermo Maquivar
Mr. & Mrs. William B. McAree, II
Mr. William H. Mears
Powers Peterson, M.D. & Dr. Daniel Alonso
Mr. Wyndham Price
Mr. Frank Raysor
Paul and Bonita Stockmeyer
John and Joanne Theon
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ukrop
Mrs. Harriet White



Opera Sustainer

Mr. James Baber
Mr. & Mrs. J. Temple Bayliss
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Bell
Ms. Judy Bland
Ms. Sherry Bremer
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Carwell
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Claiborne, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Clark
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Don and Lilla Jo Cole
Wayne and Judy Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Connelly
Ms. Kathryn Copeland
Mrs. Robin Covatta
Hon. & Mrs. Rodham T. Delk
Col & Mrs William J. Flanagan
Mrs. Lorraine Fleder
Capt. Peter J. Fullinwider
John Page Garrett
Ms. Dorothy P. Grandstaff
Ms. Vesta Lee Gordon
William Graves III & Elizabeth Nybakken
Mrs. Catherine N Holloway
Mr. William Hutton
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Jamison
Dr. & Mrs. Alan H. Jaffe
Barbara & Steve Johnsen
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Kent,III
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Kerwin
Peter M. & Jodi L. Koste
Ms. Anne Lankford
Dr. Velimir Luketic
Dr. & Mrs. Mayes D. Mathews
Earl & Soozi McLain
Mr. H. T. McLoughlin
Diane and Reynold Monach
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Newman
Linda & Mike Overstreet
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pacek
Powers Peterson, M.D.
Mrs. C. Cotesworth Pinckney
Dr. & Mrs. David B. Propert
Mrs. Robin Reeves
Mr. & Mrs. David Rennolds
William T. & Joanne K. Roos Philanthropic Fund
Dr. Paul Sayegh
Mr. & Mrs. John Schiffer
Jane & Win Short
Mr. Benjamin Smith
Harry & Linda Stemple
Bonita & Paul Stockmeyer
Dr. & Mrs. Kearfott M. Stone
Capt. & Mrs. Robert J. Swain, USCG
Mr. C. Wayne Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. J. Dirk Walecka
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Needham B. Whitfield
Mrs. Faye G. Whitlock
Juan & Linda Whittington
Harry & Sandra Wilbur
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wintzer
Dr. & Mrs. G. Byron Work
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Zehmer


Opera Family

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Alby
Mr. & Mrs. Neill H. Alford, III
Mr. John Anderson
Ms. Patricia Arant
Ms. Jean Arnold
Mr. Richard Barry & Ms. Linda Cox
Mrs. Carter Grandy Bernert
Rick & Jeannine Boyd
Mr. Robert E. Brown, Esq
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Brown, III
Marvin and Libby Burge
Ms. Ann T. Burks
Mr. & Mrs. William Burnette
Dr. & Mrs. William Burston
Ms. Virginia Campbell
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Carwell
Dr. & Mrs. J. Floyd Clingenpeel
Russell and Mary Collins
Dr. & Mrs. W. Stephen Corrie
Mr. & Mrs. Britton B. Culpepper
Mr. Bruce Curran
Mrs. Rosemary Curtis
Ms. Melanie Kahn Day & Mr. Roland A. Karnatz
Ms. Lisa Delevie
Ms. Nicole Dejesus
Mr. & Mrs. Stanwood Dickman
Ms. Maria McCall Dorsey
Mr. Howard J. Ellis
Michael and Janet Elmsley
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Ennis
Mr. Frank Faust
Dr. & Mrs. Howard Fauver, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph V. Formica
Mr. John Francis
Mr. John Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Carter B. Furr
Mrs. Peggy Gatje
Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Goplerud
John and Lucy Goode
Dr. & Mrs. T. Winston Gouldin
Mr. George Grant
Mary and Charles Haines
Ms. Linda Hansell
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hanson
Ms. Ruth Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. Roy V. Harris, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Dwight Harrison 
Dr. & Mrs. H. Keith Hellems
Dr. & Mrs. E. Beaumont Hodge 
Drs. Warren and Jane Hopkins
Herbert Hotchner & Barbara Weisner 
Gil and Karen Hoy 
Mrs. Margaret Huber 
Connie and Marc Jacobson 
Rev. Martha Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Johnson
Mr. Edward Joyce, III 
Dr. Gayatri Kapur & Dr. Rasesh M. Shah 
Dr. & Mrs. Warren G. Karish 
Gloria and Evelyn Keyes 
Mr. & Mrs. Davis Kiger 
Mr. & Mrs. John Klemenc 
Lawrence F. Kruger 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Large 
Capt. & Mrs. Keith Larson 
Mr. Bob Liverman 
Capt. & Mrs. Carl V. Mallett 
Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel McCoy 
Shannon Thomas McCrory 
Mr. & Mrs. S. Randall McDaniel 
Mr. Graham Meech 
Betty Jean Meyer 
Mrs. Hope Mihalap 
Ms. Elizabeth Moore 
Ms. Susan G. Mouser 
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Murcko 
Ms. Louise Nagourney
Ms. Pauline Narcavage
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Naughton 
Mr. Brian O'Connor 
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Oldaker 
Mr. Frank Parrish 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Plett 
Mrs. Ann Prince 
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Richardson, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Riss 
John and Barbara Rose 
Mary Stuart and Ted Ruhnke 
Mr. & Mrs. James Schloss 
Mr. James Schmalz 
Dr. James K. Schmitt 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Scoggins 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shutterly 
Mr. & Mrs. David Simms 
Dr. & Mrs. David C. Smith 
Ms. Lori Smithson 
Mary Jane Spiro 
Mr. Lawrence Steingold 
Harry and Linda Stemple 
Ms. Phyllis Szymanski 
Dr. Ashton Trice 
Mr. Larry Valade 
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Van Auken 
Dr. & Mrs. Olmedo Villavicencio 
Mr. Joseph Vilseck, III 
Mrs. Jeanette H. Wallace
Capt. & Mrs. Robert Warakomsky 
Mr. Nicholas Wheeler 
Juan and Linda Whittington 
Mr. Andrew L. Wilson 
Mr. Robert Witajewski 
Joyce J. Wood
Howard and Martha Zaritsky 
Robert and Karen Zelnick 
Mr. Roger Zoccolillo 

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts
Tribute Gifts

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Gale W. Allen
Kym Hemley and Joe Butz
Hon. & Mrs. James Cales, Jr.
Mr. Raymond DeFrank
Mr. Sean Foohey
Mr. Charles S. Gibbons
Cy and Edith Grandy
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Huber
Ms. Margaret Page
Mr. Robert Roman and Mr. Claus Ihleman
Ms. Ina Levy & Mr. Richard Staub
Martha Lee and Mark Shaw
Ms. Lisa Domingo Sands
Ms. Joyce Strelitz
Jean and Sidney Sussman
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Winslow
Mrs. Dixie Wolf

In Memory of Marian Best
Nancy Bates
Steve Fleishman
Stuart & Mary Johnson Gilchrist, Jr.
Christopher & Leslie Rich

In Memory of Dorothy Rouse Bottom
Mark Gilkey

In Memory of Barry Case
Mark and Emily Cox
Alan and Edie Hess
Robert and Nancy Hill
Richard Miller
Bucci and John Zeugner

In Memory of Robert Claude
Lelia C Koplin

In Memory of Tony Corso
Martha Lee and Mark Shaw

In Memory of Jerome Gumenick
Ms. Ina Levy & Mr. Richard Staub

In Memory of Jackie Lowenstein
Mr. Phil Cohen and Mrs. Debbie Amos
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hill
Michael & Barbara Latta
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lowenstein

In Memory of Joan B. Miller
(The Joan B. Miller Fund)
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Huber
Richard Miller

In Memory of Vivian Moore
Leslie H. Friedman

In Memory of Mary Neel
Edith Robertson

In Memory of Lt. Col. Walter T. Niedermayer
Ilse Niedermayer

In Memory of William Pusey
Ms. Betty Borton
Mr. & Mrs. Laurin Wollan

In Memory of Morry Reynolds
(The Morry Reynolds Fund)
Kari S. Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Huber
Dr. Marilyn Kellam
Jeffrey Skipper

In Memory of Louise Richard
Mary Louise Campbell LeHew
Willette LeHew

In Memory of Morgan Trimyer, Jr.
Mark and Martha Lee Shaw

In Memory of Samuel I. White
Mrs. Harriet White

In Memory of Laurin A. Wollan, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Burgess Allison
Tonya Banbury
Mr. & Mrs. David Block
Langdon and Jane Chriatian
Mark and Emily Cox
Mark and Joni Dray
Thomas Grant
Kemper and Courtney Hyers
Patricia Pusey
Robert and Nancy Scoggins
Frances Zehmer
Bucci and John Zeugner

Tribute Gifts

In Honor of Marilyn Buxbaum
Opera for Everyone Class at ODU

In Honor of Lucy Church
Ms. Sue Collins

In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. Robert Erdman
William Warner

In Honor of Rowena Fullinwider
Christina Brandon
Capt. Peter Fullinwider

In Honor of Marilyn Georgiadis
Michael and Frances Lengowski

In Honor of Rosemary and Martin Hill
Shelley Stoltz