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Final Final Gala 2016 Save the date card-1 Richmond Gala 2016 Save the date card-1


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Fabulous at Forty Gala Celebrations

Thank you for joining us for Fabulous at Forty Gala! , a very special evening to celebrate Virginia Opera’s 40th Anniversary! Check out all the fun pictures!!


Norfolk Waterside Marriott
Saturday, April 11, 2015 
Fourth Floor Ballroom


 The Commonwealth Club
Thursday, April 23, 2015 
Richmond, Virginia


Fresh Look Photography 2015 4 sm

Fresh Look Photography 2015 73 sm

Fresh Look Photography 2015 165 sm

Fresh Look Photography 2015 204 sm

Fresh Look Photography 2015 172 sm




1 LtoR Gala Co-chair Rebecca Neale-Opera Pres  CEO Russell P. Allen-Gala Co-Chair Patti Pusey

2 Mr. Floyd D. Gottwald Jr. and Mrs. Helga Gottwald

3 LtoR Sopranos Shannon Jennings and Katherine Polit

4 LtoR VO Central VA Board of GOVS Pres Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan-Laura Cameron 2

5 Mr. Joe Murillo